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Prepare your home for cooler weather
Prepare your home for cooler weather
Utility News!
  • Downed power lines and restoration of power can present some serious hazardous situations.  Please click here for important safety information...and pass this information on to your family and friends.
  • Are you likely to sprinkle your lawn this summer or fall? Please consider limiting the days you sprinkle. For more information, click here
  • Are you removing trees, digging fence posts, or planning any other project that requires digging? Please be safe, and call before you dig. Contact Diggers Hotline.
  • Are you thinking of canceling your "land" line (or have you already)? Please contact us with your current information. Our staff may need to contact you if your water needs to be shut off to repair a water main break, or if your power needs to be shut off for maintenance of our electric lines.
  • The Cedarburg Fire Department encourages everyone to watch this informative video on the recycling and storage of 9-volt batteries.  The information in this video not only pertains to 9-volt batteries, but to all batteries with external terminals.  View Video

  • As fall settles in and cooler temperatures creep closer, try one of these suggestions to help prepare your home for the colder months ahead and to help save on utility expenses.