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Photo courtesy of Cedarburg Resident, Jennifer Kryzak
Cedarburg Utility will be flushing all hydrants 4/28-5/9.
  • Are you thinking of canceling your "land" line (or have you already)? Please contact us with your current information. Our staff may need to contact you if your water needs to be shut off to repair a water main break, or if your power needs to be shut off for maintenance of our electric lines.
  • The Cedarburg Fire Department encourages everyone to watch this informative video on the recycling and storage of 9-volt batteries.  The information in this video not only pertains to 9-volt batteries, but to all batteries with external terminals.  View Video
  • Be aware of email scams soliciting for your utility payment.  Click here to view a recent news story regarding one of the recent scams.  Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Lowering your energy costs is easy once you know where to start. And that’s what our free online energy analysis is all about.  Click on the Home Energy Suite to pinpoint the energy wasters in your home, and start saving on your energy costs now.

  • The Cedarburg Light & Water Utility will be performing its annual full system fire hydrant flushing April 28 - May 9.  Please note that it is normal to experience some cloudy or off-colored water during this maintenance activity.  If you do experience this situation, please open an outside spigot or a cold water faucet in the lowest part of your home.  Let this water flow until the water clears.  The time it takes to clear up will vary from home to home, but should clear within a few minutes.  Please click here for more information on hydrant flushing, or feel free to call the utility if you have any questions or concerns.