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Are you looking to get rid of your inefficient refrigerator or freezer?  Are these appliances taking up valuable room in your basement or garage?  How about getting paid to have your fridge or freezer recycled?  Visit Focus on Energy for program details and guidelines.

Administrative Manager: We are hiring for our Administrative Manager position. Click on the topic for a full job description and more information.

Auto Pay:  Looking to simplify your CL&W utility payment?  Sign up for our Auto Pay plan.  It's dependable, convenient, and easy.  Plus it's free.   

Energy Assistance:  If you or someone you know have trouble with winter heating costs, our local Energy Assistance Program may be able to help. 

Diggers Hotline:  Yard work never seems to end!  Whether you are planting trees, building a fence, or grinding old tree stumps, please remember to call Diggers Hotline before you dig! 

Beware of Scams Targeting Utility Customers:  Cedarburg Light & Water Utility warns customers to be wary of callers who claim to be from the utility requesting immediate payment for a delinquent utility bill.  Click the topic for more information.